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Welcome to BLRP | BumLife Roleplay. We are a very organized group of individuals that want to have fun and relax on our FiveM Server. We are very happy to welcome anybody new, or old to the FiveM world. We have an amazing Staff Team, as well as amazing Whitelisted jobs that you can apply for! We are looking for people that enjoy Rping with friends as well as making new ones. If you’re interested with what you have read above, and you’re looking for a new home, then go join our discord that is displayed below!


  • Non ELS Vehicles

  • Sonoran CAD/MDT

  • Daily Patrols

  • Radar/ other advanced tools for LEO

  • Ton of custom scripts LEO/SAFD

  • Personal Properties, and houses

  • Custom Skins for LEO/SAFD

  • Custom EUP For Civs/Whitelisted Jobs

  • Very Kind, and Respectful Staff

  • Serious Rp Only

  • Daily Server Improvements

Server Applications

Staff Application:

Leo Application:

Fire Department Application:

Tow Application: Coming Soon!

Discord Invite Discord Link: Bum Life Roleplay

Social Media

Twiiter @BumlifeRP

TikTok @Bumliferoleplay