Whenever I installed fivem, it did not appear to me in the gta5 folder. why?
I’m windows 8, gta 5 on steam …


We believe you are having issues with FiveM, we would like to have some additional information.

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It’s not supose to it makes it own folder.

As i said it makes it’s own folder.

FiveM is not installed in the GTA V folder. In fact, it doesn’t even mess with GTA V’s files.

The default install path is


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When I want to install 5M I do not want to choose a folder … it installs, but I do not know where, and after it seems to be loading when I want to go into it

Did you check the folder I just sent?

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Did you buy GTAV via Steam, CD, or Social Club?

If you’re installing FiveM and it asks for the file path to your GTAV, then that means it couldn’t find it. Like @NotGigo said:

However, it does need to know where the game is installed on your computer.

not sure if that’s what you’re asking though

Did you buy FiveM

Bit of a brainfart there bud?

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XD totally was! I meant GTAV :smile:

Have u got it to work m8?

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