Bug report

So when I try to download/update fiveM it while doing it it says a runtime error bravo-mexico-alanine, im not even kidding. I hope someone helps me cuz I had fiveM before and it stopped launching so im trying to reinstall and this is it happening pls someone help.

This is not a bug report, I’m not even kidding.

  1. Search the forum
  2. If no solution, edit your post with the Technical Support template

Moved to #technical-support

Oh I didnt know that wasn’t a bug. well u moved it for me thanks a lot

I hope someone replys tho im really really sad that I cant play online

I will reply once you have done the steps I mentioned above

oh. ok I will move it to technical-support template. but how do I do that ?

im new here so idk what to do.

Edit your original post, copy paste the contents of that template and answer those questions. Your log file can be found in your FiveM Application Data folder (a snail icon), usually under %localappdata%\FiveM

I dont get im sorry. I just dont understand

I found [0703/201245:ERROR:ipc_channel_win.cc(268)] pipe error: 109
in debug.log. and I found the snail icon. im sorry im really bad at understanding.

oh, something happened. my FiveM launched I think. but its green screen and like gta background and its green. but it never launches. just stays like that.

please help me I may be and not smart but please!

fill out the support template if you want any assistance.

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