[BUG] Change ammo size in clip and weapon component damage

All Client versions production and canary
Category of bug : client side manipulation

Hello Guys
Some guys puts some files in this directory .\FiveM\FiveM.app\mods like:
weaponcomponents.meta To increase damage of weapon or ammo in the clip
weaponanimations.meta to increase speed of aiming
in all client version.

which create a non-fair environment

I can give u those files which inc ammo in clip and modify the dmg of weapon component not the weapon if its permitted to post those files here please reply so I can post or send me the official email to give it to u there.

i mean with files they can example make appistol ammo = 250 means it will fire 250 bullet without any reload instead of 18 or make appistol shot only one hit in leg and this shot kills.

note my script hook is disallowed

The Reason I don’t want to post those files here is I don’t want any one to use them and harm other servers I hope u understand and find way to send it to the mod section in private if they want it <3

Doesn’t look like a bug, however you could probably use weapon component natives added with this PR to detect these players.

no it is.
adding file that modify weapon damage client side and being read with five m is glitch

Not a bug report.