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players clothes and skin dont save

does anyone know how to get my old skin menu to stop popping up?

I have problem, when I try to save outfit, nothing pops out and error show in F8

Hey possible to add a whitelist clothing option similar to raid_clothes. We basically put a number in the javascript file as in like “chain: 10” & if someone tried to go to 10 in the clothing menu for chain, it went from 9-11. This helped individuals use a script as clothing as items.

But if we can whitelist anything like chain/shoes/shirt etc that’d be an amazing feature not only for myself but im sure others would love this too.

use nh-keyboard version 1.0

i have loads of problems with this like i do /car and the car doesnt spawn and i cant do /goto and /bring i dont get tp to them

fix for this?

AddEventHandler('esx_skin:openSaveableMenu', function(submitCb, cancelCb)
	local config = {
		ped = true,
		headBlend = true,
		faceFeatures = true,
		headOverlays = true,
		components = true,
		props = true
	exports['fivem-appearance']:startPlayerCustomization(function (appearance)
		if (appearance) then
			TriggerServerEvent('fivem-appearance:save', appearance)
			if submitCb() ~= nil then submitCb() end
		elseif cancelCb ~= nil then
	end, config)

under the peds.json, remove all but those two

Can I ask how to set this up to be used for character creation?

What Character Creating do you use?

I got the outfits to save and change as they should, but my character’s looks don’t save whenever I rejoin my server.

me 2 idk why