Broken Natives

I Guess some Natives are broken at the moment so you could not use any WeatherNative, only ClearOverrideWeather and SetOverrideWeather seems to work (don’t know if there are some more broken, didn’t test them all ^^")

it’s not about that they are broken, they are simply not there, inexistent :)) that’s why i stopped the callouts script that i am trying to make for fivereborn, natives that are verry important are missing from the game . We can just hope for all the missing natives to be implemented in fivereborn in the next updates .

They aren’t “missing” they just don’t appear in the GTA version were using.

really kanersps? now do a little comparation between your native list and the GTA 5 natives that allmost all the scripts are using and depend on them. Your full fivereborn natives list is not even big enough to compare with only the PEDS natives DB from GTA 5. Your Entire natives DB is smaller than a subcategory in GTA 5 and you are telling me that they are there?

@hbk. Yes? My wiki doesn’t document it all lol i’m not crazy, goto: citizen/scripting/lua/natives.lua all natives are found there. And there are over 5.000 natives in there.