Broken boosts on homepage new UI


In polish language main homepage is broken and display random servers as recommended and wrong country icon.

More details:
On homepage we see “Top servers in: (USA flag)” but when mouseover to the USA flag there is correct description “Polish” - so wrong icon, correct hint.
Bottom we see a few random servers without any boosts and even players on them - the most of them are in fact someones test servers with 5 slots. These servers shouldn’t be displayed on main screen, here should be top boosted servers, not the worst ones.

Here is one of the top servers on new Homepage UI - 3 boosts

Here is correct the top boosted server in “Play” submenu with Poland filter - 140 boosts:

What is your language/region setting in Windows set to?

@pink-pepper might this be a case where pl is a locale string without a qualifier (like en-US) in Windows?

Both are set to Polish/Poland.

EDIT: For now country icon is correct Poland flag :slight_smile: