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British Highlife RP

Welcome to British Highlife RP

About Us:
We are a server with plenty of enjoyable, where we can offer you plenty of job opportunities**. Most of them can be found at the job centre where you will spawn in! We also have whitelisted jobs but you will need to apply for them within our discord (link will be at the bottom). We have one of the best growing community where everyone is friendly and will help you out. Our admin support team are brilliant if you have any issues they go out their way to help resolve the issue for you. We are a British RP server where every UK rule is based around the server. If you want to know more about the rules I would highly recommend reading them in discord before joining the server!**

We run on a strict RP rule and that is to always be in character and not FAIL RP which can result in a warning or a ban!

Our Features:
I will list some of the features our server has and the benefits from what you get from it;

  • Job roles (choose from any career you like from the job centre or become a criminal and stay on universal credit)
  • Prison/community service (depending on crimes you commit depends on what time you do!)
  • NHS (If you die for whatever reason they will come revive you or they will check to see if you have a pulse and take you to hospital)
  • AA (they do repairs/upgrades on cars. They also do callouts by using your phone and texting them)
  • Start up cash £20,000
  • Many more hidden features you need to find yourself!

The Community:
Our community is growing fast, we have a lot of supportive people who will help you when you join the server. We are trying to give everyone the best RP experience as if you live in the UK. So that means we’re a British community but that does not mean you’ve to be British to join. We try to stand out from everyone else so we are always looking for recommendations to help make your RP experience better but we can’t guarantee every suggestion made will be added into the server.

When you join the server if you purchase a car from PDM and bring it down to Benny’s you will get a free upgrade and customisations for free if you give this code to any mechanic AA-UPGRADE this is one time use!

Our social links:
Server connect:
You can search us in FiveM ‘British HighLife RP
Facebook: British Highlife RP - Etusivu | Facebook
YouTube: BritishHighLifeRP - YouTube

We hope to see you soon :)

me and my mates are really enjoying the server and want to start a motorcycle club so i need the discord to do that i believe

hi guys im having trouble getting on your discord it saids invalid invite??

your server is not working atm any idea why?