[BRAND NEW] Six Countys RP / Development in progress / Come join us and shape the server!

Welcome to Six Countys RP discord.gg/kG5MZuXrRP
We are extremely excited to launch our new Read Dead RP Server! We are currently still in DEVELOPMENT however, we want to bring along as many people as possible on this journey with a approach that focuses on the Community and what they want.

It is important to start off with why you should be interested in our project at all:

  • We plan to have a very strong community based developments on the server. As you can see #community-voting will be a channel on our discord that we FREQUENTLY use to allow you guys to decide on exactly what you want to be added next in development!

  • How we will develop scripts: (Completely Transparent)
    Fundamental scripts will hold similarities across other servers (Using the base framework), However as noted below in our development plan we will be creating ALMOST every script custom from the ground up due too our in-house developer u/Appelgi#1305.

  • And finally, we hope to bring a completely new approach to the criminal side of the county, offering a UNIQUE experience to outlaw RP and how items are obtained (More will be revealed in time!) .

The development plan is as follows:
Stage 1 - Fundamentals (Community voting will aid in the development of these scripts)

  • Hunting
  • Mining
  • Gold Panning
  • Farming
  • Lawmen
  • Doctors
  • Grave Robbery
  • Store Robberies
  • Stables, General Store, Gun Stores, Clothing store
  • Moonshining
  • Banking system that adds realism!

(Please check out #dev-updates for a more detailed roadmap)

Stage 2 - This is when community voting will really take effect!

  • Crafting system that ties together other jobs to create a player ran economy.
  • Custom drug system that offers a variety to criminals!
  • Custom Bank Robberies
  • We want to leave the rest up to you guys so you can vote and see your own ideas implemented into the server ready for release!

Please come join the discord and check us out!

Hope you all are having a great day! Just a quick update were also looking for people to be apart of the team to help test and perhaps shape the way we want our economy on the server :slight_smile:

Update [14/04/2023]
We have been continuing our development on the framework scripts with the completion of:
Gold Panning



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Here’s some of the stuff we have worked on since the last post. Still looking for people to join the discord and help contribute with ideas and suggestions! :slight_smile:
Update [18/04/2023]
Lots of work has been done over the past few days with the additions of:
Metabolism UI Changes

Grave Robbing

Store Robbery

[Community Vote]
New vote out right now, would be great if you could join and vote! :slight_smile:

Update [28/04/2023]
Still a work in progress but here’s a little update!
Next week we are going to announce the need for testers, so if your interested please send me a message over discord! :slight_smile:

Police/Lawmen (WIP)

Moonshining (WIP)