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Just a reminder that the event starts in 2 hours! Excited to see how everyone’s going to dress!!

Our winners from last night with their prizes!

Boundless RP Patch Notes (04/21/2021)

-You can now access PB helipad for emergencies
-Officers now have new vests!
-New seatbelts have been installed in PD cars
-When repairing your vehicle at stations the local PD mechanics now wash the car too!
-CCTV cameras have been connected to MRPD, so you’re now able to view the city in real time
-New vehicle menu options using /extramenu

-New prison interior!
-You can now work off some time while in prison doing chores

-You are now able to repair motorcycles and view their health with ease

[Car Dealer]
-Vehicles on the showroom floor and purchased vehicles will now be washed clean

-You now have a chance to break cuffs when being arrested, but you only get 2 tries so make them count!

-You can now purchase first aid kits from Pillbox Medical, but they can only be used if EMS is off duty, otherwise visit PBM
-Pay phones can now be used to make anonymous calls

-Ladies can now fully heal when being treated for injuries
-You get out of medical beds more organically
-Sunbathing in lounge chairs is now included in the auto sit function
-The local mechanic now fixes bikes!
-Putting your phone away while sitting no longer forces you to stand up

Boundless RP Patch Notes (04/28/2021)

-PD vehicles purchased from Sandy station go to Sandy garage
-Flashlights on pistol work properly now
-You can now use a hotkey for alerts
-You can cuff downed suspects, so they’re still cuffed after treatment!

-New MDT to write up patient reports!
-You can now place passed out patients in the ambulance

-PDM has been remodeled!
-The Island is back complete with:
** 3 food locations**
** 2 atms **
** 2 gas stations **
** 2 car rental locations**
** 1 boat rental/return**
** 1 plane rental/return**
** 1 bar**
** 1 Yogi Master**
(Please keep in mind that your first time on the island you will need to cache every part as you’re driving about, so don’t drive too fast or you might find yourself at the bottom of the sea)

-New hairstyles for men!
-New shoes for ladies and men
-New clothes for ladies

-Sunbed positioning has been slightly altered and VU stage chairs can now be sat in using L
-You no longer stand up when eating
-When incompacitated you will no longer flop causing others to not see you
-Custom Benny’s shop now saves customization properly
-If something is still not working (there are a LOT of cars) please post in #support so we can get it fixed


Cutest crew out here, bout to spend some $$ at the Black Spades!

So aesthetically pleasing