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BlueCreek Roleplay | Recruitment Discord | Whitelisted & Realistic Roleplay

Are you interested in joining a community that is fun and professional and based around realism ? Apply to join Illinois State Roleplay, a roleplay group that is based around creative, imaginative roleplay that places trust in our members to roleplay realistically. Our community was formed with the idea of actual roleplay join today!

Law Enforcement Division:

Civilian Operations Division:

  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic, creative, and imaginative roleplay scenarios
  • Advanced Civilian management panel to create, modify and maintain your Civilian characters
  • Civilian jobs with management, applications, and a purpose
  • Judicial system which grants the ability to contest charges within a realistic roleplay environment
  • Vehicle fleet with custom models and skins

San Andreas Fire & Rescue:

  • High-quality vehicles with fully custom vehicle skins, as well as EUP uniforms
  • Realistic pager system for volunteers
  • Leadership has IRL Fire and EMS experience


  • Age Requirement: 15+ (Mature) - Exceptions can be maid.
  • Must be mature and willing to learn!
  • Legit Copy of Grand Theft Auto: V | Steam
  • Must Be Able to Run FiveM (A GTA Modification)
  • Must Be Able To Read/Write/Speak English Fluently
  • Must Have Teamspeak 3 Installed

We look forward to seeing you on the server!
Recruitment Discord