Blue Corp RP | Whitelisted | Serious RP (but we still like to have fun) | Mature Admins | Economy Based | Prison Break System | In-Depth Criminal System |

Welcome to Blue Corp.

We are a community of Serious RPer’s, if that is a word, ha ha. That like to have fun during scenario’s and to see how far go to test our Roleplay capabilities. We have a Stable framework and have set up a lot of legal and illegal (for those that want to be on the wrong side of the law) job, with an in-depth system that you will have a great time trying to find ALL of it. We also have an economy based system that is evolving and will grow when the server does. Level headed admins, and being whitelisted, will make for a great RP experience for the curious minds and the hardcore experienced FiveM players alike. Check us out at if you want to just dip your toes in and check it out first. Our discord link is: if you want to hang out, chat or check out more of the community side of things.

                                                                              -hugs and kisses, Rainbow