Blocked subnet?

Hello FiveM team.

I represent a hosting provider located in Portugal. We rent dedicated servers, VPS, webhosting, housing, and other services.
It come to our attention that you are blocking all (or almost) our IPv4 ranges. After reading your terms, i didn’t found any reason for you to do so.
If possible, i would like someone to contact me back regarding this sensible subject. I already tried to contact you directly on your email, but didn’t got any reply.

Hoping we can reach a common understanding (like you informing us if any of our clients is in infraction, like everyone do).

Please accept my best regards.


Please send an E-mail with all the details to [email protected] and a someone will get back to you when they can; this can take up to 2 weeks.


My last email to that email address was way more than 2 weeks ago (on 13th October if i am not mistaken).

So, if someone from the team can contact me back on PVT, i would be thankful.


What email did you use to send this email?

I replied to you in private.