Block client side mods parameter ☣️

Hi there.

Will be great to see cfg parameter which will block/ignore client side mods.
If I’m not mistaken, this parameter were in custom gta 4 mp (now it’s LibertyM)

The main reason is, possibillity to play with legal cheats.

For example,
i can edit handling, weapon and other metas with boosted car handlings and modified weapon damages. (replace method)

Another example,
the policeman is chasing the criminal, the policeman stumbles upon a wall that the criminal does not have, and all because the policeman has an NVE graphics that contains custom mapping.

One more Example,
NVE has ton of 2k, 4k textures, and ton of broken and non optimized models with broken vertex.

There are also rumors, that there are graphics, in which there are changes, that crash other players who are nearby you, idk it’s try or not .

Thanks for reading this

Pure checks are already planned but there’s a lot of complexity around implementing such a feature:

  1. this has to be done without affecting performance, so checks should be done on the fly while reading
  2. there has to be a clear remediation path for users, ‘crashing the game’ is a weird outcome and will lead to lots of support questions to us
  3. given the myriads of ways to ‘change content’ any quick implementation may miss something
  4. this still won’t fix ‘modified client side content’ outright, only prevent the casual unintended use of such.

Closing this topic however as it’s a bit sensitive and it’s undesirable to see a bunch of uninformed replies.