Blips icons [FIXED]

Blips icons fixed
Below are a few of the blips that it adds:

Sandy Shores Airport
McKenzie Airport
Los Santos International Airport
All Police stations
All Fire stations
All Hospitals and Medical Stations
All Gas stations
Bolingbroke Penitentiary
11 Vehicle Mechanics
6 ATM’s in the city
All Banks
Race Track

Dowload:blips[FIXED].rar (2 KB)

Step 1: Extract the folder blips to /resources.

Step 2: Go to: “ server.cfg ” and add: start blips



That is NOT a Release!!!
This is bullshit no everyone need a another Blip script :roll_eyes:

Just like not every release is made for everybody. Use it if you want it and if you don’t, sit quiet and don’t criticise.

is there any screenshots?

yes i added it

Let him do what ever he wants to do

nice release :smiley:
not something I would use but still looks good :+1:

This here is nice thank you, help me alot save time on making blips :slight_smile: