Blazefire | Not a roleplay server | Next-Gen MDT / CAD

First of all: I am not advertising a roleplay server.

Anyone reading this should be familiar with the term MDT or CAD. Mostly these are scripts that simplify or extend roleplay in various professions (mostly police departments or emergency services) to make roleplay as realistic as possible.

This is where Blazefire comes into play.
I’m currently working on a project that should close exactly this gap. Its a web application, but you can integrate it into your client with an iFrame (you need a script for that). At the end of the post I have attached a few pictures of the current development stage, so that everyone can see how the systems will look like, and whether this will correspond to the style of the roleplay - server.

Let me explain you what are the basic features and why to choose blazefire.

  • I provide my own API to interact with the system. For example, you have the possibility to create a new citizen or a vehicle.
  • Currently the following systems are planned: Police, Ambulance, Mechanic, Real Estate and Car Dealer
  • You can connect your own domain to the system
  • If you wish, you can synchronize the citizens (and vehicles) registered in your database with ours. This way you will have all the entries ready to go and start working.

Since everything gets a bit confusing when you write down your thoughts, I’ll explain you here step by step how the approximate workflow would look like.

1. Register on our website

Register on our website with an email and password. Everything is still simple up to this point.

2. Choose and create a system

After your registration you now have the possibility to create one of the following systems: Police, Ambulance, Mechanic, Real Estate, Car Dealer
All necessary files will be created, as well as the database will be set up and the system will be set up.

3. Use the system

You can now log in to your system via your subdomain (or domain if registered).
Here you now have many different options. For example, the police system, the creation of investigations or create an arrest report.
You can even change the translation and adapt it to your main language, if it is not English.

At the current time, the project is still under development. I’m currently targeting the end of December for an open alpha. Anyone who wants to can help with the development with ideas and suggestions.

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