Blaine County DOJ [Realistic and Serious Police RP | Real LEO and FD Experience | Scheduled RP | Custom Vehicles, Map, CAD, and Plugins]

Blaine County Department of Justice
Fivem FXServer

Blaine County DOJ was founded in 2019 and focused on creating the best realistic police-based roleplay community for FiveM. We strive to bring serious and accurate roleplay that mimics real life and backed by experienced Law Enforcement, Military, and Fire and Rescue Personnel.

Departments Available
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Civilian Department
Blaine County Fire and Rescue
Paleto PD

Official Discord

Direct Connect:


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Any Discord, website etc?

Or even a server IP? Why do people need to go through the trouble of joining a discord or visiting a website if they could just direct connect



Sorry you feel this way. The issue is that we are a serious RP community and do not wish for anyone to join without viewing our website or discord (where they can get the IP for) to get a feel for the community before they join.

An amazing community that has fun when they roleplay. Hiring for all departments. Come check us out today!!

Still looking for active members

Still hiring for all departments. Come check us out. We Roleplay every night

This is by far the best server to play on the staff are amazing the owner is active and were always looking for new member’s I would highly suggest Dimond Cut

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Thanks R. Brown for that response. We are happy to have you as a member and look forward to roleplaying with you in the future

Hello everyone, I am Brandon C. Sheriff of the BCSO for this Community. I would like to say that we are in looks of people to join us for the BCSO. If you are interested, please contact me on discord for more information. My discord tag is Brandon#5216 . Please know that we try to RP everyday, and we have a variation of cars for you to drive. Thank you for your time!

Still an Amazing community with an amazing department looking for deputies. Come check us out today

Still looking for members, hiring all departments. Looking for mature players

This server is a really good server. I joined and got immediate hello’s. Once I did a application they looked over it and I was a cop before you new it. Really good sever, you should check it out

This is by far my favorite Roleplay server, everyone on it is kind, there are tons of Plugins and mods, custom vehicles, etc. Even though there may not be tons of people in the community, I still enjoy it.

Be sure to check us out, yes we may be small but we are having 11-13 people per night. Come be part of the fun and create amazing memories today!

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discord link is expired

Fixed the discord invite

The Discord is out of date and i can not join with the IP