Blackscreen -> Flashes -> Crappy background image of FiveReborn -> Crash

GTA V version? Title Update 1.19(Online 1.35)
Up to date? Yes.
Legit or Pirate copy? Pirated but i updated everything.
Steam/CD/Social Club? None.
I tried deleting the caches.xml file,nothing,reinstalled the mod,same thing.
Also after instalation the “are you still the one i know?” error pops up.
Thank you in advance!!
Link with files:!QoExzDAb!UE_b0rB4r918Vr3k2E8Axx_0hCSx84VUjAEkiaQ_k04

You won’t get support for pirated copies here.

It s not a pirate copy mm…like my mate has the game bought on social club and i downloaded the game but i can t play GTA Online

@BugsBanditul u just said in the post that u have a pirate copy. wtf? and as notgigo said, u wont get any support. Buy the game