Blackrock Roleplay | 1901 | Serious Roleplay | 18+ | Open to All!

Blackrock Roleplay

Blackrock Roleplay is an inclusive, community driven experience. We aim to provide the highest quality of roleplay, by providing you with a fresh and new experience. We are always looking for talented roleplayers, and streamers to bring the best experience possible for the community. We’re currently looking for not only Civilians and Law, but roleplayers from all walks of life including the DOJ, Sisika and Doctors.

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What can Blackrock Roleplay offer to you?

Blackrock Roleplay is a dedicated VORP based roleplay server set in the year 1901. We welcome any and all players to come and make a new home within Blackrock, we have an experienced development team dedicated to bringing you a server you can enjoy and a smooth experience. Help us grow and we will create a space for you to relax and enjoy. As a server we are very inclusive, and except no forms of discrimination.

Our staff is here to help, with a team of just under twenty, we are dedicated to helping your experience and leading you in the right direction, we are swift on tickets and you can count on us to help you in any way we can.

Stay up to date with our latest change-logs and future changes by joining our Discord, we offer a #change-log channel as well as a #speak-peaks channel for you to stay up to date on all things Blackrock. We frequently post announcements letting people know of any and all changes and welcome feedback/suggestions on all fronts.

Post Office and Mail.

Unique Banking System.

Custom Mapping, unique to us.

Simplistic Inventory with unique Item Images.

We at Blackrock want to make your Roleplay experience as simple as possible, and aim to do that through giving you creative and fun systems, but easy to use at the same time.


  • Farming, we have a really cool and different farming system, it shows a dedicated information box in the bottom right telling you all information like the fertilisation of the crops, the water level and the growth rate.
  • Ranching, we offer a full ranching system, with herding cattle, the ability to have a potential group of NPC’s to attack you and steal cattle, other players can steal your cattle, and so much more.
  • Horses and Wagons, a full encompassed system with Horses, Wagons, Propsets and so much more… you can breed horses, and the horses have an age limit, once they reach they will die. Rare horses that are more expensive and come with different benefits and so much more.
  • Housing System, a housing system that allows for any house in game to be owned, gives you keys to the whole property and allows you to decorate inside, also allows the ability to build houses from the ground up and make them your own.
    • Boats, Buy a variety of boats, from canoes to steamboats, from the docks. Boats can be fully customized.*
  • Lumber & Mining, Chop down trees, or mine ores and use them for crafting, trading, or refining for more valuable materials.
  • Improved Hunting, Players can hunt animals and get a bunch of new, custom items to sell, cook or craft with. Store pelts and carcasses in wagons.
  • Outlaw Roleplay, Outlaws have access to a bunch of in-game features to earn them money; graverobbing, stealing bonds, robbing safes, bank heists and selling stolen goods to fences. Outlaws can also be granted the option to dual wield revolvers.
  • Native Roleplay, Experience life as a Native with custom mapping and in-game features. Train and breed horses to become the best in the land, craft unique items using traditional techniques, and pick berries to sustain your tribe. As a Native, you can also scalp other players, adding an extra layer of realism to the game.
  • Drinking & Eating, Quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger by drinking from any water source available, be it a river or water pump. You can also fill up various containers, such as canteens and bottles, and even certain wagons. Additionally, players can cook and craft a variety of different meals to keep themselves fed and energized.

Blackmarket Fence System.

Farming System.

And so much more, come and try it out! We look forward to seeing you!


Best server ever!


W server definitely worth trying out

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To give you all an update on what has been happening in Blackrock RedM, here is a compilation of the most recent changelogs!

Changelog 05/28/2023

  • Added in Cigarettes and Cigars
  • Ability to craft basic Cigarettes and Cigars within the basic recipe book.
  • There is a place to also sell these items.
  • Integrated with the farming script as well as crafting.
  • We also have Cigarette Packs and Cartons, but you will need to find more out IC.
  • A lot more recipes will be coming to the recipe book in the coming week.
  • New Banking system in full swing
  • Ability to store items inside the banks.
  • Each bank is separate, money does not transfer between banks.
  • Banks have an opening time and a closing time.
  • Updates to the Blackmarket
  • NPCs have been moved, Blackmarket locations have also been moved.
  • There is a new system to obtain access to the Blackmarket for civilians to find out IC.
  • Intergration with other scripts.
  • General fixes and adjustments
  • Added in Black Bear Ranch, horse items, stables and stable boy.
  • Fixes to stables, updated the prices for tac, updated the price for healing your horse.
  • Updated and moved some assets.
  • General updates to other scripts.
  • Preperation for more updates to come soon.
  • Fishing is fully fixed, nothing else to say!

Changelog 05/26/2023
Updated coming in shortly!

  • Updated Doctor Job and system
  • Bandages should now hopefully work.
  • General optimisation.
  • Updated Character Creation
  • New height options, allow you to be taller, if you already have a character and you want to be taller please reach out in a ticket.
  • General Optimisation.
  • Location for the character select has been changed to a more warm and welcoming place.
  • Updated Grave Robberies
  • New item to rob the graves
  • Ability to pray at certain graves, also the ability to add new graves down the line.
  • Loot pool for items has been changed drastically.
  • Alerts will be sent to all law enforcement when graves are robbed.
  • Little Creek Ranch changes.
  • Site has been cleaned up and no longer has tonnes of shit.
  • Updates to female bodies.
  • No more invisatitties.
  • Women will now have underwear on when naked.
  • Fixed some issues with textures on women peds.

Changelog 05/24/2023
All in live next restart.

  • Updated Stables
  • Overall optimisation and bug fixes towards script health.
  • Changed some prices of horses.
  • Added in locations for some new stables.
  • Updates horse spawn timer, no longer takes years.
  • Horse selling timer addition.
  • Horse training updates.
  • Updated Pets
  • General optimasation.
  • Added in ped to see where shops are, the ped interacts with an animal, similar to the stables.
  • Changed some config options.
  • Rare pets coming soon.
  • Updated Housing
  • Housing will now work fully on it’s own and will not be dependent on a Developer to help get stuff set up.
  • Realestate are the only people who can buy houses to then sell them to players who are interested in purchasing.
  • Players will be able to see what housing is available on the map and reach out to real estate in regards to purchasing.
  • Should not interfere with people who already own houses but if there are any issues reach out in a ticket ASAP.
  • No more rent, you purchase the house and if we notice you are inactive realeste will reposses the house.
  • Updated Camping
  • Just general optimisation of the code.
  • Slight updates to the config no major changes.
  • Updated Archives and Identity Cards
  • Archives now have more options for the Law on the server.
  • Identity Cards have had some of the useless options removed as well as optimasation of the script.
  • Updated Telegrams

  • General Changes and Fixes

  • Added in a Carpentry to Blackwater, everything is set up and ready to go.
  • Added in a Blacksmith to Blackwater, everything is set up and ready to go.
  • Certain businesses removed for inactivity/leaving the server.
  • Certain recipes changes.
    Much more.

And so much more, come and join in on the fun and embark on a new journey with some serious RP.