Blacklist RP | Soft Allowlisted | NoPixel Based | | Police/EMS Apps Open | Active & Friendly Staff/Devs | Streamer Friendly 18+ | Gangs And Orgs Welcome | Unique Scripts, Clothes, Cars & Maps


All Server Information can be found in our Discord along with tons of other channels to interact with the Community!

Server Rules

About Blacklist

Blacklist is an 18+ allow listed server aiming to provide a fun fair play area for its players.
We are a work in progress, the benefit of that is there is a lot of potential to grow your character, group, or business. Our server is Economy Based focused on Stories, Character Arcs, Cinematics, and Content Creation, but most importantly, having fun!

We have a small but Active Staff team who are dedicated to making the Server the best it can be. We are entirely Staff Funded meaning we do not take Donations. This is a Passion Project for us and because of that, we are very hands-on with Providing Support and Guidance to our Players, especially those that are new to Roleplay. Community feedback is always welcomed, whether that be through our Weekly Community Meetings, Discord Tickets, or Reaching out to Staff Directly we are always here to listen and improve!

Whitelisted Jobs

We have an Array of Whitelisted Positions in which we try our best to provide Regular Updates to improve these positions based on our Community’s Feedback. From our Criminal Justice system which includes both our DOJ and our Police force to taking care of the citizens of the city as part of the Medical Facilities!

Our Police force is made up of Multiple Divisions including LSPD, BCSO, State Troopers, and Park Rangers. We also have Subdivisions like S.W.A.T, TEU, BACO, CID, and a new FIB team in the works.

We have a hard-working EMS team although relatively small they try its best to provide the City with the Medical Treatment it needs.

Other whitelisted positions include the city’s vast Business selection, from Mechanic Shops and Restaurants to Wineries. We’re sure you’ll be able to find the right job for your Character!

Criminal Activities/Underworld

Maybe civilian life isn’t for you and the rush of being a criminal is the lifestyle you wish to choose. From Burgling Houses to Robbing Stores or maybe getting crazy and having a shootout at a Bank Truck, scoring a Vangelicos, turning over Fleecas or even bigger, there are many possibilities for you to explore.

We are working on introducing a Criminal Underworld Blueprint. This will essentially Provide Illegal Markets for our Criminal Groups/Organisations but this won’t be fixed to particular groups, If you want it you have to take it and control it. If you get run out wellllll that’s on you, Regroup, Rebuild and Reconquer!

Currently Open Applications

-Police Applications

Work for one of our Police Departments. Choose your own path with either LSPD or BCSO. Work your way up the ranks, acquire subdivisions and possibly choose a path in the State Police as a Ranger or a Trooper!

-PDM Applications

If selling vehicles is your thing, apply for PDM where we have a large range of vehicles including beautiful imported cars!

-Yours Truly Bakery Applications

Yours truly is a family-run bakery, they offer a variety of baked goods. Apply to join the team if you have a passion for baking.

-Bahama-Mamas Applications

Nights get crazy down at Bahama Mamas from parties to EDM raves they do it all! Don’t worry they make sure all music is DMCA-free for all streamer’s safety.

-Vulpus Corvum Security Applications

A highly trained Private Security Team that’s available for hire in any situation. If you think you have what it takes then consider applying here!

-Mr. Black Rentals Applications

A great little vehicle rental business in the heart of the southside, there’s never a dull day at this place. They have a great range of vehicles up for rental if you like Bikes, Sports Cars, or even fancy drifting around the city. Do you want it? Well, they’ve got it.

-Vanilla Unicorn Applications

If you want to serve great drinks as a Bartender, work the door as Security, provide some great music as a DJ, or want to join our Beautiful Dancers on Stage feel free to apply! Beware things can get wild inside and out.

-Lawyer Applications

Have experience in law? We have positions available for Paralegals, Lawyers, ADAs, DAs, and Judges. In a city full of Crime, Corruption and Crooks there will never be a dull moment in Los Santos as part of the Department of Justice!

We also have EMS jobs available, as well as other businesses that are in need of Owners! Not all businesses require an Application, reach out to owners in the city.

Upcoming Changes

  • Hunting / Fishing
    • New Jobs everyone can enjoy!
  • Bobcat Robbery
    • New Heist of a business in the City
  • Third Eye
    • New way to perform actions in the City
  • Apartment Upgrades
    • More Storage and Better Interiors!
  • New Weapons and Guns
    • All kinds of tools to fit whatever Job life may bring!
  • New Maps
    • For all walks of life!
  • New Cars
    • From your average daily driver to your souped-up Tuner Cars!
  • New Clothes and Hairstyles
    • Tons of fashionable new styles!

For a full list of Recent Changes check out our Discord Change Logs Channel!

Come check us out, it’s easy to join! Hop in our Discord, read the Getting Started Channel and you’re good to go! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to one of our Staff! We are always happy to help.


SEPT 18th @ 9PM EST. There will be a judged Car Show/Car Wash hosted by Redline x Vanilla Unicorn!

The Car Show prizes are:
1st Place - 50% off next upgrade
2nd Place - 25% off next Upgrade
3rd Place - $5000 in cash

Hope to see you there!

The Vanilla Unicorn will be hosting the after party for the car show.