Black screen and then crash to desktop

As the title states, upon launching FiveReborn as administrator, my screen goes black and then crashes back to desktop. I have completely reinstalled GTAV as well as FiveReborn. I am not sure what to do, I have looked at others issues and it doesn’t seem like their fixes work for me. I am unable to view the crash .dmp file and I don’t see an option to add it. Note i have disabled firewall and antivirus programs and also tried compatibility mode.

Here is the crash file.

I fixed this issue by deleting the “cache” folder as well as unplugging my game controller. Now my issue consists of crashing while looking at the map.

Glad you fixed it. The crash on map opening issue is known to us :sweat_smile: working on it!

@Boss Is there any fix for the map crash? I know all of my buddies games don’t do that. I’m usually the one stuck with all of the problems though haha. If there is any known fix for it, that’d be awesome.