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Bizarre Roleplay

__About Our Server __
We are a realistic role-playing community with alot of unique and custom made resources.
Our developers have over 3 years of experience and they do a lot to bring cool new ideas to Bizarre Roleplay and its members. We love to hear ideas from the community you give us a idea we will try our very best to bring that idea to a real thing in the server. So what are you waiting for come join us today

Community Requirements

  • Working microphone
  • TeamSpeak 3 installed
  • Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 installed


  • San Andrea’s State Troopers: Open
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: Open
  • San Andrea’s Fire & Rescue: Open
  • Civilian Department: Open

More Info On What Our Server Has

  • 100+ Civ Cars

  • Non Els Based

  • Custom Made Maps

  • Custom Made Eup

  • Keyboard And Controller Friendly

  • Family And Kid Safe Server

Community Goals

  • Active Roleplay Everyday
  • More Leo & Fire
  • Hire More Staff
  • Community Events

Community Information

Server Ip:

Name: Bizarre-RP
Password: BRP

For any further questions or queries please join the server and ask.

Discord Link

Come join us

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