Bitter Sweet

i have had a number of issues playing in this server manily with the way the server is regulated and support for the server an the way the server feels like a cops N robers server gangs run the server on the bad end cops run it on the good end and any one inbetween is just in the way and can expect the bottem of the berrale expiriance plus it is not noob or freash friendly at all from my expiriance and the RP is trying to be kept on such a lvl of realistic that it makes it a lil bit un realistic with that being said playing in the server meeting others and genaral vibe of the server is positve and you can feel the passion from most RP players that are here to be aprt of the comunity it self and the others that are here to ruin some ones day so over all i would 100% suggest giving the server a shot its awsome in many ways other not so awsome but just like life you have to take the goos with the bad

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