Bitpix RP 2.0 JUST LAUNCHED! πŸ”₯

Hello! We have just launched our new server Bitpix 2.0

Semi serious RP with alot of fun and unique things to do.

β€’ multiple drugs

β€’ a bunch of different heists

β€’ LOTS of lore friendly cars

β€’ PD, EMS and Fire department

β€’ no grind to make money, eco is pretty cheap

β€’ player owned and ownable businesses

β€’ gangs and lorefriendly gangs looking for people to take over

β€’ a few no pixel UI and emote scripts

Come check us out! We would love to see you there! < Our launch trailer here!

Discord invite is Invalid and would be nice to see a connection code as well :slight_smile: Other than that the trailer was Exciting !


Not sure why the link is down but give this one a try! Bitpix 2.0

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Here’s all the information updated! Bitpix RP is a serious GTARP server and is open for early access:
Join the Discord: BitPix RP Discord
Welcome Guide: Welcome to Bitpix

We hope to see you all there and look forward to having you call this place home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: