Bird Server | ESX | Custom Cars | Housing/Storage/Trunks | AI Heists/Missions | Solo Possible

The Birdnest Casual RP Server List

Hi, I’ve been working on a different kind of server, a hybrid of ESX and base GTA functionality that allows solo play, and a casual RP interaction with other players
No need to have a certain amount of police on for heists or store hold ups, rob and hack NPCs and Banks anytime
The default wanted level applies, and I have a script so you can surrender while wanted and go to AI jail if you want, or try to lose the cops
No PVP violence is allowed during regular gameplay, but I’m looking to add paintball and a boxing ring
Should be a stress free, co-op environment for all players, we’re one of a kind and constantly improving!
A Tesla Taxi is available, and a Mobile Mechanic will come to you

  • Customized Legal Jobs
  • Customized Illegal Jobs/Dirty Money
  • Housing/Storage/Garages/AI Impound
  • Add-on Cars/Instant Owned Car Selling
  • Pacific Bank Heist/Fleeca Heist/Hacking
  • Merryweather Heist
  • Cayo Perico NPC Mission
  • FIB NPC Mission
  • Gang Attacks
  • Home Robberies
  • Electronic Lockpicking/Chopping Cars
  • Grow Weed Anywhere
  • Mumble VoIP
  • GC Phone

In-game guide UI on [M]


Since the last post, many upgrades have been implemented:

  • 400 Houses with a 1500 item IKEA, items are available with a wardrobe and storage
  • All regular and add-on vehicle speed has been increased to 165mph
  • Police Job is active with full NPC interaction, including traffic stops, ID checks, breathalyzers, arrests, and resistant NPCs
  • Skydiving is active, the location sells parachutes
  • 24/7 Weed Clinic and Sell Spot opened in Legion Square
  • New Drug effects, smooth transitions, color changing
  • Invincibility Cocaine
  • Shooting range
  • Pet Store with 6 pets, feed them and play fetch

**Many more stability and design tweaks

Thanks for letting me bump,

Hunger/thirst warnings and effects are in:

** Injured walk at 40% health
** Bleedout slowly at 20% health with screen pulse effects and injured walk

  • Engine and Tire Repair kits are on sale at the hardware store, engine kits are reusable
  • Store hold-up script re-worked, simply aim at the cashier
  • Most jobs pay to the bank account now
  • Experimental NPC Firefighter/Ambulance job
  • Experimental Paleto Airport

Version 5 is here and there is a major change:
You will not be able to revive from death at all :skull:

  • If your health is depleted to 0, after a 2 minute countdown, your character will be deleted, and you will be politely kicked
  • You will need to log back in and create a new character, as your old character has died (feel free to re-create the same one)
  • All money, vehicles, weapons, and properties will be gone
  • Options are available to stay alive:
    •• Surrender to avoid Police Shootouts (F5) (go to AI jail for 10 minutes)
    •• Body Armor, MedKits, and Invincibility Cocaine exist, so stock up and use them
    •• All Hospitals have Heal markers
    •• Health Warnings exist at 40% health, Serious Health Warnings with Effects exist at 20% health
    •• (BLEEDOUT is still active below 20% health, but you now have about 6 minutes to get healed before dying)

In game warnings are in place
I have backups in case of glitches
This has made for great gameplay so far
Life becomes much more important suddenly…
Anyway, other changes:

  • New Aircraft Dealership and Garages to replace the non-functional Aircraft Rentals
  • Armored Aircraft Dealership opened at Fort Zancudo
  • An Aircraft Vehicle Workshop has been added at LSIA and Fort Zancudo as well
  • Airport in Paleto Bay is functional with Aircraft and Car Garages
  • Flight School required to purchase aircraft
  • New Yacht for rental
  • Anchor boats with ARROW DOWN
  • Cocaine Processing is available on Cayo Perico Island (again this is Invincibility Cocaine)
  • Cocaine Dealers are available now also but their prices are crazy
  • Go to the area marked in red and pick Coca Leaves
  • Head to the Processing Center marked on the map
  • Process 40 leaves into 1 Brick of Cocaine
  • For each Brick you process, you will get 1 free Bag of Cocaine
  • Sell Cocaine Bricks for around $20,000 each
  • You can also sell back excess Bags of Cocaine there for around $7,500

Thanks for letting me bump again so soon, had to share

Again with the updates, so much good stuff

  • Farm 9 different crops anywhere from seeds
  • Fake ID Dealer
  • Prison Gym
  • Dumpster Diving Overhaul to give scrap parts
  • Scrap Dealer

Just some more changes I’m very happy about:

The Criminal Ranking system is in place:

  • Each criminal job requires a certain rank to start, get new ranks by completing jobs in order
  • 29 Fully re-worked and dynamic House Robberies available for break-in with the Burglar rank
  • Status check to see your rank and other licenses
  • Vangelico Robbery is available for the Jewel Thief rank

Surrender script overhauled (surrender from F5), Jail time is now determined by wanted level

  • Serve 2 minutes per star

Other awesome improvements:

  • Weapons now show up on your back, and don’t take inventory weight
  • RVs are for sale, and Permanent Parking Anywhere for all vehicles is available
  • Your wanted level is no longer shown for immersion
  • Vehicle Rentals have opened for business
  • MKII weapons and upgrades are for sale
  • The RayGun is in the city, automatically given when entering any Dune2
  • The Lucky Wheel has been added to the Diamond Casino

Our server name has changed to Bird Server, but the Discord is still The Birdnest


Things I’ve been looking to do for a year are finally done and live:

The AI Warrant System is finally here
This is similar to Arrest Warrant by Guadmaz, and completely automates the warrant system:

  • If you get a wanted level, it will be written to the database, persisting sessions
  • You can lose a wanted level and stay out of sight, but don’t get spotted
  • If spotted by a police officer (now roaming), get a wanted level of 1
  • To clear a warrant, surrender to police when spotted
  • To check your warrant status, use Status from F5

Speeding Tickets are also now being given by NPC cops!!
I’m recreating ‘Pull-Me-Over’ from sorbas’s famous Pull Me Over mod (loved that mod), all from scratch

  • Don’t go faster than 65 around cop cars
  • You have 25 seconds to pull over
  • A cop will pull you over and walk to your door
  • The fine is $500
  • The alternative is 1 wanted level and a chase

Also, police will now follow you off-road, into train tunnels, underground

  • The nearest police car in a regular chase will be assigned to follow you anywhere
  • You need to make them crash or lose them
  • They will be naturally deleted by the game if you lose them
  • Losing the NPC cops is not easy anymore

NPC AI interaction is almost where I want it now, completely immersive
NPCs even say hi to you if you’re close enough

Much more testing and bugs to work out I’m sure…