🧾 Billing UI [ESX][QBCore] - Bill players by clicking on their character

no that’s the thing no server errors or f8 errors ?

Did you add in cl_config.lua default reasons and amounts the job will have?

yes sir.

If you try to restart the script, can you check client and server console to see if anything strange comes up?

Much better than asking players what’s their ID to make an invoice

Update 1.3

  • Easier integration with Job Creator, you can enable it from the config
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Niceeee :laughing:

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Update 2.0

  • Full ESX integration
  • Automatic database table creation
  • Added the possibility to choose who receives the money from the invoice (society or player bank account)
  • Easier translations (locales/en.lua)
  • Lower resmon usage (0.00ms when idle)
  • esx_billing not needed anymore

Update 2.1

  • Added feature to view unpaid bills of other players
  • Can be enabled in sh_config.lua

Add in the ability to turn off the ability to deny bills for select jobs such as police, EMS, and mechanic.


Yes please :smiley:

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Add Discord log for billing.


Nicely done :upside_down_face:

Update 2.2

  • Added in cl_config.lua jobs that doesn’t require the invoice to be accepted (example police)

With force billing on the folks are not getting a notification they got an invoice. the biller also does not see if it was paid. However, they can do the check unpaid. But if the person being billed could get a notification of the bill that would be great.

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Hello, it will be fixed in the next update :+1:

Thank you for the constant updates :slight_smile:

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it would be good to put logs discord

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You rock!

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Update 2.3

  • Added discord logs
  • There are multiple logs type, so you can split paid invoices from sent ones
  • Added missing notifications when invoice is received