Biker DLC Weapons?

I noticed that the Biker DLC vehicles were added though the weapons are missing like the wrench, battle axe, pool cue, compact grenade launcher, that new Škorpion mini SMG thing and some clothes, any plans on adding those?

There are currently no plans to support DLC’s. If you want them, you need to script them in yourself. See here:

Well we already have a bunch of DLC weapons such as the Heavy Revolver and the Compact Rifle

See that post for context the new versions basically cant offically be supported

Yeah as everyone said you will have to code the your self and they may not work at all, cars are easier to add then weapons i would assume we have added every dlc car thats not in fivem and a few dont work at all becasue the import export vehicles have weapons attached and special functions that would need to be recoded or ported but they cant be at least no that we know of and we have tried everything

Here you go, friend!