Big problem, how to fix?

Hello, i’m trying to change the Loading Screen of my server… i watch all tutorials in this forum but all have broken links!
My loadingscreen folder is empty and i don’t know where i can download the file that i need to edit my loading screen…
Someone can upload it for me?
Another question: How can I change the small round logo next to the server name?

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there is a folder called keks in the server resources that you can use as a template for your own loading screen.

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What i have to do?
I find it, is a subfolder of [test] folder!


copy the “keks” folder to the resources folder
( if you dont have it download the server files just to get that one )

its pretty much a webpage so you can edit it to be what you want besides the fact that php may not work ( you can even redirect to any page you want )

from there once edited you can rename it to lets say loadscreen and then add it to your citmap-server.yml

after you’ve done all of this restart your server and you should be good to load up your game.

Ive made my loading screen redirect to the link below using some simple html code


		<title>Envious Media</title>
		<meta charset="utf-8" />
		<body style="background-color:black;">
		<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />


here is where my loading screen redirects to

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Really thanks man! :heart_eyes: