Big Cruise Ship [Add-On]

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Costa Crociere Ship: :it: :passenger_ship:

  • Basic interior.
  • The Cruise is drivable.
  • It can bring up to 10 people.
  • It does not cause any type of lag.

Specs :

  • 390 k : Poly
  • 520k : Verts
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Infinite license
Support Yes
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Why do you double post. People asked for a video of the inside then and are asking for it again… Months past and still no view of the inside so must be pretty crappy looking.


I thought the same thing… you are really funny if you think I am spending $50 on something that I got no clue what it looks like besides only 2 photos that are basically the same angle…

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No Showcase = No Buy

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Ma va, €60 and no preview?

Just report his posts - he constantly re-uploads his content without changing a thing.