BeyondRP | 17+ Whitelisted | Easy Applications | vMenu Based | Custom Scripts & Vehicles | Looking for COC!

We’re not just RP, we’re BeyondRP.

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BeyondRP is a community that officially opened it’s doors in early March of 2023. We are a community filled with experience members who want to challenge its competitors by being player oriented. This means less strict rules, less activity requirements, and more vehicles you can drive. In layman’s terms, we don’t expect our players to make membership in our a community a full time job.

While we are currently vMenu based, we have the expectation to, in the near future, move to a hybrid model for our server. This means putting QBCore in our servers, and setting up a “broken economy” where players can take advantage of roleplaying scripts, NPC dealers, jobs, and the likes all while everything is super cheap - allowing them to just chill and make scenes if that’s all they really want to do.

We are a semi-realism community. While we have realism in most things we do, we occasionally stretch it through events to spice up the experience in the server. Our scheduled events range from a military convoy escorting a missile to something as bizarre as aliens breaking out of Humane Labs.

  • Custom made cars made by members of our development team. Unique to our community.
  • Serversided sirens. Up to 7 tones per vehicle.
  • DOJ-like framework, making it easy to operate.
  • Custom scripts including a custom version of vMenu featuring a streamer mode, fleet spawner, and more. Only available within our community.
  • Custom interaction menu with a variety of packed features including a unique handcuffs script, weapon racking, prop menu, and more.
  • Be apart of a community with a dedicated development team.
  • Low activity requirements!
  • Dual clanning is allowed at all ranks!
  • Take part in our community wide events!
  • Our server is performance based! We focus heavily on user framerate and server performance while not sacrificing quality (We run over 75 custom interiors with no performance loss! Users report around 100 FPS while playing on our servers.)
  • Fun scripts such as billiards, wheelchair script, and more!
  • Open recruitment! Join us by filling out a Discord ticket with a few easy questions!

  • San Andreas State Police
    – Join one of our statewide subdivisions including Department of Fish & Wildlife, Aviation, Marine Patrol, or the Investigative Services Bureau!
  • Local Law Enforcement
    – Stuck between choosing Sheriff or Police? No need to worry! You can play as either in LLE!
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue
    – Be an Animal Control Officer, Fire Marshal, Hazmat Technician, or anything that floats your boat (there’s a subdivision for that too!)
  • Communications Bureau
    – Dispatch on a unique CAD!
  • Civilian Department
    – Play as businesses such as Gruppe 6, Lock N’ Load Security, McGill Olsen Construction, and more!
    – Drive vehicles dedicated to businesses such as DOT vehicles, tow trucks, security vehicles, and more!



BeyondRP is a great community full of amazing people and amazing server assest from our one of a kind dedicated dev team


BeyondRP is a great and friendly community. It is somewhere I can chill whilst having fun at the same time. It is full of so many great people, with our dev team being one of the best. I consider this community to be one of the best communities I have been in. Keep up the great work everyone <3


BeyondRP is by far my favorite RP server. Ever since ive joined I’ve always had so much fun. The people, community, and vehicles are all top notch. Every time I see a new dev update im so excited cause out of every community ive been in i think this has one of the best Dev teams. Cant wait to see how far we’ll go perhaps even Beyond what i expect. :sweat_smile:


We are currently looking for experienced Chain of Command in our various departments! Join our Discord today!

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This Friday ( May 19, 2023 7:00 PM ) we will be doing an open house event where we unwhitelist the server. You may invite anyone you like to join the server or join yourself if you’re not whitelisted. This is the perfect opportunity to check out our scripts, vehicles, and interact with members of the community.

All guests will be limited to the lowest Civilian class and structures and will be permitted to RP as a Civilian only. They may be given temporary access to Teamspeak for the duration of the event.

Interested in joining? Join our Discord! Hope to see you soon!

Our community policy has changed!

We are now a 17+ community. Those who are 16 may still join with a referral from a current community member.

Join us at Discord!

Join our Development Team!

BeyondRP is seeking developers to join our team. We have openings in all areas including but not limited to software development, vehicle modeling, graphic design, and EUP development.

Some of our perks include…

  • The ability to sell your work. Since per FiveM ToS we can’t pay our developers, they might as well make some money somehow!
  • Open sourcing code (if you are a Software Developer). Build your portfolio while you’re in our community!
  • Activity exemptions across the entire community.
  • Only 1 contribution required per month.
  • Elevated patrol permissions. (i.e. Senior Developers can patrol with Captain vehicle/eup structure).

Come join a community where developers are treated like developers. If you’re interested, feel free to join our Discord and open a ticket!