Beta testing! Ice-T's artist new server!

You heard it correctly!! Super super stoked to finally announce what I’ve been working on since Jan 2023 alone up until 3 weeks ago. Countless hours of perfecting this world to have every single little element you could think of. LITERALLY the biggest server in FIVEM HISTORY. More resources and maps then any server ever created + we have the rights to use the likeliness of hip hop culture due to our connections which no other server in the world has. Which means you may see some familiar faces! A new overhaul with cars, server side graphics, enter-able buildings, active subway systems, new car systems, flying cars, hud, new jobs, 100’s of side missions, fly, drive or boat to cayo, pet system, underground sewers, economy, the mile high club, the greatest phone in FiveM and HUNDREDS of other abilities and options for immersive REALISTIC RP and perfect for streaming! Due to high demand, It is FREE for the next 20 people as we were going to cap at 40 for whitelist but due to high demand, we say eh, fuck it. We currently have 48 active members!

We are FINALLY open for beta testing and other developers if interested!! We are also actively looking for EMS, Police, and Firefighters! Please JOIN the discord to begin the on-boarding process!

EMS - 4 Currently Hired
Police - 6 Currently Hired
Firefighters - 2 Hired
Judge - 1 Hired
Lawyer - 1 Hired

Be ANYTHING or DO anything you want in this world.
The possibilities are endless!

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