[BETA - NEW] Paradise Roleplay | DOJ Based | 500+ Custom Cars | Realistic RP | Drugs & Gangs | Drifting | Real Estate | Active Police & EMS | CAD/MDT | EUP | vMenu

Recent 10-80 put to an abrupt end after the suspect rammed an LEO vehicle!

Paradise Roleplay is hands down the BEST roleplay server I have been on. The ownership and development of the server is taken seriously, issues are taken care of in a timely manner and not just swept under the rug. As the Chief of Police the ownership is very supportive of their departments and community members, and things are always being worked on. Things are always changing and there are always new and exciting things happening. This server is defiantly worth the time!

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Honestly been apart of this server for a few weeks now. and Ive had so much fun with the server and its community is very welcoming. have loads of free custom cars and always making new updates. Rating the server 10/10 honestly would a recommend

this server is a 10/10 i have been on it for about three weeks now and i have had the best time of my life i would really recommend to anybody i think that you will have a great time they have a great dev team and a great owner they have some sick cars and the chief of police are always on and the depts. are also the best 10/10

Paradise Roleplay is seeking to expand their Staff Team & LEO Departments!

Become active contributing team members right within our community!

Simply visit the “Join a Department” category by visiting our Discord to get started.

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/ParadiseRP


  • Must be 16+ years old.

  • Prior experience is recommended.

  • You must be kind and respectable. We maintain a friendly and open minded environment so that the entire community can enjoy all that it has to offer.

  • Must be available for at least 3 days out of the week for moderation.

The goal is to have at least three available staff team members on at all times.

Positions Available:

  • Co-Owner (merge opportunies)

  • Trial Moderators

  • High Command Positions for LSPD & FBI

Interested in joining our Developmental Team?
Contact nights#0001 with your experience as well as what you have to offer.

We’re primarily seeking Experienced Web Designers, as our website is ONLINE in need of DESIGN!

Join soon before our launch day giveaways end!

Thank you,

Paradise Roleplay

New video release!

Introducing Departments of Paradise!

This Is the best well managed FiveM Server you can find. Custom vehicles. everything polished. custom buildings and even a mcdonalds. 10/10 Very Cool! :grin:

:fire: This is a very advanced server. Everything is fit to you liking and it’s not one of those pre-made servers with the default things. The owner and staff are very nice. Custom car’s and custom weapons , Custom Sounds and much more. come join PRP at discord.gg/paradiserp :fire:

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I stg this is single-handedly the best server I have ever played on. I’ve been playing for a while now but this is one of the best. easy 11/10

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Yeah its an amazing server, great staff, great members. SAST is very fun to be apart of as well.

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I really love this server everyone are all nice also the quality of the whole server is awsome

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Like the name says, this community has turned into a paradise for many looking for a laid back server to call home. Lots to do and lots being done! Love this community and will continue supporting it

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Best server you will find, Active Staff on EU and US time zones. The executives actually interact and listen to the community.

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Love the hard work these guys put in and the realism in the RP scenes. Keep doing big things.

best server ever 10/10 active staff, diverse accepting community, great people, good RP, active LEO you should definitely check it out

This server is everything everybody wants.
Economy? Done!
No economy? Done!
M menu? Done!
Rp? Done!
24/7 support? Done!
Cool commands? Done!
And it keeps going! Give it a try!

I am honored to be on this server.

Good server the Owner Nights actually goes through all chats and responds to chats most server owners or even staff for that matter don’t. He is a good leader and a hard-working soul. The rp is fun and is not dry like other servers the staff try their hardest to deal with trolls and people that are not there for the good in the server but like every server a couple get through the gate and get banned.

Come be apart of the fastest growing, #1 vMenu roleplaying experience on all of FiveM!

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