-BETA- King County Department Of Justice Roleplay | vMenu Based | Hiring for High Command In all Departments | Hiring Staff | Hiring Developers | Hiring Community Managers | Serious Roleplay | https://discord.gg/aevjmAsVC5

-About Us-

We’re King County Department Of Justice Roleplay, a newly opened vMenu Washington State Based Fivem Server. 
Our winning strategy is Adhering to three characteristics that define us as a good server: 
dedication, talent, and professionalism. 
By never wavering from these foundations, we’ve experienced an amazing amount of victories and success.
We could never be where we are today without our supportive members and team, 
who we are extremely grateful for every day. 
Keep browsing to learn more about KCDOJRP, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

-What we offer-

Our server is fivem based with multiple paid assets from one of the most famous fivem development communities. We offer multiple LEO departments like:

Seattle Police Department

King County Sheriff's Office

Washington State Patrol

South King Fire & Rescue

Federal Aviation Administration

And many more civilian departments like Gruppe 6 and Cartel

-Server Developers-

Our Developers spend countless hours making custom Washington State based vehicles and EUP.
All our clothing and vehicles have been made with love and professionalism. 

-Our Goal-

Our only goal at KCDOJRP is to provide a serious King County Based Roleplay server where everyone can freely roleplay 

-Our Links-
Discord: https://discord.gg/aevjmAsVC5
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7c4QLyxNDE4W0X9WgnXHg
Cfx.re: https://bit.ly/3natPxZ
Website: Coming soon!

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Bump. Still looking for LEO High Command and developers.


Bump. Still looking for LEO high command and community staff.





Bump. Still hiring for High Command

Bump. Looking for FD Command

Still looking for FD command and developers who can make good liveries.