Best server out there!

Been on this server for a little while and can tell you that this is THE best community I have been in. Everyone is mature and I have never seen toxicity. Everybody is just having a good time here. All the departments are very professional and have excellent training.

If you need help then you will get it. All suggestions are looked at in the discord and you shouldn’t be afraid to put something there that you think would improve the experience even more. My FPS is great because most of the unnecessary stuff that causes frame rate drops has been removed. The owner and head dev are great guys and spend a lot of time and resources on this server. I honestly don’t know why “EnemyIsDownYT” posted that review because what he is saying is simply not true.

The server has very realistic RP and the occasionally sketchy stuff gets dealt with immediately.

I made this account specifically to write this review and let everyone know that no community tops this one.


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