Best server ever

so when i first joined it was weird i didnt know what to do but now i feel like family it feels like i was needed and now im in the police force and its great if you want a realistic server be sure to join and if you dont wanna join hop in and see if you would like it we havestuff like humane labs heist and more we are still adding more stuff to make it a even better experince for everyone so if you like to rob stuff and roleplay this is the server for you we have some nice cars such as a lamborgini huracan and more just join and find out for your self and the staff team on here WOW im so happy with them because they make sure everyone is having fun and the rp is fare and noone is saying stuff they souldnt they are taking there job serious and the owner he is always active and make the server alot more fun for everyone but the DEV i cant even i dont know where to start with him he is on his shit making sure everything is perfect and there is nothing that is bad and bugy he makes sure he is doing the best for the community he dont even give his self a break to rest he is always working on the server to make it better and funner for all of us he is really the best i love everyone on here and they deserve everyting that want in life

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