Benefector Car Dealer [MLO]





forge studios benefector car dealer on gtav map

Step into the luxurious world of the "Benefector Car Dealer", where automotive dreams come true and every visitor feels like a VIP. This MLO interior offers a high-end car dealership experience that can easily be rebranded for any car brand. As you enter the big open, light-flooded showroom, you'll be greeted at the welcoming desk, setting the stage for a premium car-buying journey. Explore the elegant displays and imagine yourself behind the wheel of the finest vehicles. The dealership also features a backyard for parking and storing vehicles, and a connected mechanic garage for cleaning and checking up on cars. Elevate your roleplay experience with the Benefector Car Dealer, where luxury and performance are always in the spotlight.


  • Welcoming Desk: Start your journey at the inviting front desk, where professional service sets the tone for a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Big Open, Light-Flooded Showroom: Wander through a spacious and bright showroom, designed to showcase each car in the best possible light and provide a luxurious browsing experience.
  • Backyard for Parking and Storing Vehicles: Utilize the ample backyard space for parking and storing cars, ensuring a smooth flow of inventory and plenty of room for new arrivals.
  • Mechanic Garage: Take advantage of the on-site mechanic garage, conveniently connected to both the showroom and the backyard, perfect for vehicle maintenance, cleaning, and check-ups.


  • Total File Size: 9,9mb
  • Modified game ymaps: apa_ss1_06b_strm_0.ymap, apa_ss1_06b_strm_2.ymap, apa_ss1_occl_01.ymap,
  • Modified game ybns: hi@ss1_06b_0.ybn, ss1_06b_0.ybn

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thank u for releasing it for cheap i thought it was an error :joy:

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You are welcome, we think its a fair price for such simple MLO :rocket: