Beginner Road Map - Fresh Server - Looking For Initial Guidance

Hello all, I have recently developed an interest in creating my own server. So I did and it is a fresh, bare-bones FiveM blank slate running on my spare windows 10 PC. And now I am looking for a road map of sorts. Possibly a list of what the community thinks I should be researching and learning to get a server rolling and me developing without being completely lost. I am more than willing to put in the time required for researching the topics myself, but if I could use your suggestions to guide me in the beginning, that would be greatly appreciated.

I do have a bit of coding experience (C#, python, HTML, CSS, some JS (with JQuery), and learning LUA now) and I plan on picking up MySQL as I go along for the database.

My Initial Questions / Thoughts:

  1. What should I research first?
  • I am not asking anyone to hold my hand here. Maybe some concepts and tools in priority of importance if you were just starting out.
  1. I’ve seen quite a bit about Essential Mode Base on the forums, is this something to learn about immediately?
  • My server is completely default, no additional mods. No admin system, nothing. Where do I begin?
  1. My friends can join my server but they appear to phased or instanced. I cannot see them or interact with them.
  • I am assuming there must be some sort of instance manager tool / mod that I have no idea exists. Any ideas?

Again, I am not asking for an exhaustive list, just the basics, so I can learn and become a better developer. Any additional information is always appreciated however. There is so much to learn and it absolutely looks daunting right now, but I’ve been hooked. Thanks guys! -Tank

UPDATE 03/31/17 8:14 AM
I have finally found some valuable information on the FiveM Wiki page. I wish I would have found this a bit sooner.
Anyways, if anyone is still inclined to offer advice, I am always willing to hear it. Still a lot to learn. Thanks

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  1. LUA obviously is important but you are already learning that. Your HTML and CSS will be helpful if you plan on making customized text or screens, which would be nice. For example, the default loading screen uses HTML and I believe CSS as well. And if you are going to make a database for your server, MySQL will be important, but is very very easy to learn. You will pick it up easily if you know any other languages.
    I would also look at other releases people have made in order to help you learn how server events work, etc. I did that when I first started and it helped me get going more than any other materials.

  2. Essential Mode Base is what it sounds like, a base. I would start learning it before you make too much progress because it can serve as a very helpful tool to build upon and can keep your work organized. Using functions and such makes your life coding a whole lot easier.

  3. There is no instance manger tool etc. I would check and make sure that you are port forwarding the correct ports or using hamachi. Both work. Hamachi is better suited for a few friends who you want to play, but port forwarding would be a better choice in the long run so that other people can join as well.

Also, if you have not seen them, I would look at the GTAV Native DB and use that as a reference. Almost all of those functions have been put into FiveM, all you do most of the time is get rid of underscores.
For Example: Get_Player_Ped(-1) in LUA is GetPlayerPed(-1)

Thanks for the feed back! This made me more confident since I am pretty familiar with a lot of these languages. OK, I will study other people’s code and learn about Essential Mode Base (This also means picking up MySQL and I think the wiki has a tutorial on this) I will also double check my port forwarding and go from there.

I have only glanced at GTAV Native DB so I will make sure to familiarize myself with it. I am sure once I start looking at code things will start make more sense.
Thanks for the advice!, time to experiment and get stuff working.

If you want to do ui with html and css make sure you freshen up on javascript.

Quick question: Anyone know if its possible to tap into the GTA5 circular weapon selection HUD? Lets say I wanted to use that type of selection HUD for other commands, maybe by holding down a specific hotkey (might be a useful alternative to using / commands since it would be visual and almost a gesture like movement or even mouse scroll) If it’s possible I would love to know. Thanks

UPDATE 04/02/17 5:00AM
Port forwarding issue has been resolved. Although, I think the issue I was having in regards of players not being able to interact or see me was because of either of the following:
A) A port forwarding issue that has now been resolved. OR
B) I might have accidentally connected to my network’s local server instead of the one that spun up (the one that actually had a ping). My guess is B…

My next step might be installing someone’s release and studying their code.

I will continue to post updates in hopes that it might help other beginners.

Hey hi! Maybe I’m a bit late for the party but since FiveM keeps growing I think there’s always more cake for us.

So, I was just looking for server maps, or maps add-on and your post came up, I’d like to know any updates on how it was for you since I’m at the early stage of this journey and with way less knowledge than many of the guys here like you I still have a basic understanding that let me manage the stuff that is already there to setup a server.

I’m basically running different pre-made scripts separately while I also learn about the different “frameworks” I can see some people made such as Essential and vRP, so basically I’m here to ask you for any updates in your roadmap that could help me to know where should I step next.

So far I have my SQL database setup, I was about to try CouchDB since the last Essential update was released for it but then decided to stick with vRPFramework instead and see what can I do from there.

What was difficult for me to understand at the beginning was why there were different options that looked almost the same like Essential, vRPFramework and even the menus such as Lambda and ChemToxine, any clarification in this regards would help although I’m already on it and sticking to vRPFramework seems to be the best suitable option for my objectives.

Also I’d like to hear about your connectivity issues if those were solved and anything else that might come up when you host a home made server, it is obvious that for development and testing purposes it is best to start with a home hosted server before we even plan in doing any investments in other kind of hosting services but also I’m wonder how reliable is to host a server at home with 4,5mb of upload bandwidth although a symmetric connection is incomparable but totally out of reach without hiring a hosting service.

That’s all for now, hope to see you around here to know what have you learned so far!