Begginner friendly and Super Fun!

The staff is absolutly amazing, helping you with pretty much anything you need. The police is also really good an they make it a good, fun, and amazing roleplay experience especially for begginers. When your first starting, its almost like everybody in this city is there for you. They may not charge you as much or even at all when you first start, but they will hold your hand when needed to go through the roleplay terms and experience. The EMS doesn’t just leave you there to die like in some other servers, and they actually dispatch to your exact location without you even having to do anything when needed. There are player built organizations and buisnesses where the player can be the CEO of there own company. Working a job can be quite time consuming but they make it very enjoyable. There are so many custom vehicles and clothes and if you are struggling to get money you can always do illigal activities. It is very easy to make new friends and this server is one of the best servers i’ve ever played on.

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