Hey guys,

I’d like to present my BCSO EUP Pack.

BCSO Thumbnail

Upon purchase you will receive the following EUP:
• Class A
• Class B
• Class C
• Polo Shirt
• T-Shirts [Patrol / Supervisor / H.E.A.T. / Detectives variants]
• Front facing Baseball Cap
• Formal Pants
• Pants with Pockets
• Custom Badge / Nameplates
• Vest Textures [JPC and Plate Carrier]

Once paid, you will receive an email with your order details + the product.

Tebex Store: Purchase Here
Price: $15

CREDITS: Credits are in the download link.

At some point soon I will be updating this pack by fixing a few things, and also adding in Female Clothing. [All existing customers will get the updates for free.] Please give me a DM with your order ID and proof of purchase and I will send it to you. :slight_smile:


Coming Soon - Only a few of a Mega Pack that will be listed soon. Also, here is a few sneak peak pics of the Female Clothing. P.S. I’m also working on the custom nameplate for females as well. :wink:

BCSO Liveries/Female Clothing - Sneak Peak


Great work!

What EUP version is this made for? I just want to know before I buy as I have EUP 9.2 currently on my server.

This EUP is for 9.2/9.3. They are the same models, so can be used in both.

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amazing :wink:

do you know if these badges will work with SergeantFrankie’s (also known as ThinLineSanctuary’s) base shirts?

Cos I have his packs reskinned custom but never been able to find a BCSO badge etc that fits sadly.

Never tried, most likely as he uses the same base models for his shirts from EUP.

Very nice BCSO EUP pack, I am glad you decided to add a female variety for the pack.