Hello there! “Blaine County’s Finest RP” is a brand new FiveM Roleplay Community that offers many departments for members to join! (Listed below!) We are looking for new members that are able to dedicate their time & effort to our community! We are a community that strives to provide professional & realistic RP’s. BCFRP has an amazing staff team that is constantly active and ready to help new members get situated in server so they can hit the road ASAP! Blaine County’s Finest RP is constantly being updated with new cars, uniforms, buildings, and more! BCFRP has access to your favorite DOJ cars exclusively purchased and installed by our staff/development team. Please check us out & you wont regret it!

➥ Los Santos Police Department [LSPD]
➥ Blaine County Sheriff Office [BCSO]
➥ San Andreas Highway Patrol [SAHP]
➥ San Andreas Fire & Rescue [SAFD]
➥ San Andreas Communications [SAC] (looking for head)
➥ Civilian Operations

➥ 16+
➥ Good quality working mic
➥ Must be Responsible & Dedicated
➥ Must follow Rules & Regulations

What We Offer
➥ Professional & RP’s
➥ Respectful members
➥ Fair & respectful staff
➥ Fast registration, training and interview process

Nobody online? No problem! Grab some friends hop into the server to play some FivePD! What is FivePD you may ask? FivePD is a multiplayer FiveM version of LSPDFR. Use the servers custom vehicles, weapons, and uniforms in the ultimate law enforcement simulator. Respond to muggings, trespassings, or even active shooters with your friends! You can be a friendly neighborhood cop or the county lawmaker. Whatever you choose! JOIN BCFRP TODAY!

Feeling intrigued? Join our discord! We look forward to having you!