🌴 BaylineRP | FivePD | Anyone can be a cop | vMenu | Economy Options | Age 13+


BaylineRP is a public FiveM server that offers multiple different approaches to roleplay.

Starting in July of 2021 BaylineRP opened its doors with its original name, “SAS-FR REDUX”. As time went on and significant amounts of success were reached the founders decided a new direction was needed for the server. In late 2022 the name was changed to BaylineRP and a new spin on development was made. BaylineRP turned in a hybrid server of every feature that FiveM players around the world love today; FivePD, Economy, and vMenu all combined and optimized to work together in one server!

FivePD (by GTAPoliceMods)

One of the biggest features of BaylineRP is FivePD! FivePD is a script that allows players to interact with AI inside FiveM. Inspired by the work of LSPDFR; FivePD also allows other players to join alongside you when fighting the crime in San Andreas.

BaylineRP brings a unique twist to this concept by allowing players to utilize the script while in a PvP server.

Economy Options

In BaylineRP you will find that Civilian Roleplay is brought to another level than a traditional FX Server. Many options have been developed and created in order to allow players to gain money through multiple sources of jobs and crime-related options. The best part of these options is that they are not forced at all! So if you’re not interested in that side of Roleplay, No Problem!

Anyone can be a cop

In BaylineRP everyone that joins can become a Law Enforcement Officer without any application needed.
As a Public LEO officer in BaylineRP, you are allowed access to BCSO and LSPD Assets.

CAD System

At BaylineRP we have our own CAD system dedicated to PvP Roleplay. All Civilians and Officers are required to have characters, vehicles, and weapons registered.

Discord Server

Outstanding community with active staff and emergency services. Interesting hybrid econ/vmenu setup that offers several avenues of roleplay to pursue.

Definitely worth checking out!

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Honestly one of the best servers around. I started my Five M journey here and i wouldnt change it for the world.

The community has always been amazing and everyone looks out for one another.
If you ever wanted to join a Five M server. Heres the one!

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