Bayer eX

Bayer eX

Bayers first-ever eX is an all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle that boasts an estimated range of up to 324 miles. Cutting-edge performance, technology, and luxury – and all the comfort of a midsized sports utility vehicle.


  • Polygons 277,672
  • Vertices 196,835
  • YFT Size 11 MB
  • YTD Size 8.5 MB



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements None
Support Yes

Debadging vehicles and renaming is still a violation of the trademark/IP of BMW unfortunately.

Just take a look at R* Obey 10F. It looks exactly like a debadged Audi R8 with a bodykit. Debadged vehicles are used in a lot of video games. If something just looks confusingly similar to a consumer you can be sued from anyone out there. So even if you just did it like R* you can be sued for “Trade dress”. There are games out there that sold million of copies and they used debadged real life cars. There is a reason why the gaming industry is doing that: Because as long as you don’t use a logo or real name, everything should be “ok”, but some people don’t get it. You can even get sued for a texture that looks similar.

Just take a look at this and tell me it looks not similar to the real deal:


The words “with a bodykit” do extreme heavy lifting here.

There are visible differences between the cars, and you even acknowledge the body kit/modifications are on the image of the real one.

Audi cannot sue someone for copying the design of a body kit. They can sue/claim IP rights violations on 1 to 1 copy of another car; removing a logo does not do that. Rockstar has changed the car enough that it doesn’t match what an r8 looks like, and you can also see the changes on the back half of the car compared to an audio r8.

I’ve put an actual 2017 Audi R8 below the GTA model for a real comparison.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s fine, but please don’t make statements based off your lack of knowledge/emotion. Rockstar and other game devs who use made-up cars know the extent to which they need to modify vehicles not to violate copyright/trademark/IP.

“The words “with a bodykit” do extreme heavy lifting here.”
Bodykits are mostly protected too. So even the designer of the bodykit could sue R* for copying the design.

“Rockstar has changed the car enough that it doesn’t match what an r8 looks like”
You can clearly see that the vehicle is a Audi R8. As long as a consumer can see the real thing behind something, you can get sued for it. Thats basic knowledge. You are never 100% save from getting sued for anything on this planet. If you want to be save you have to design your whole car yourself. So your whole point makes no sense to me.

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No they couldn’t, the body kit and the rockstar car are significantly different… again you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You can see the inspiration from the Audi R8, it doesn’t look exactly like an Audi R8.

Again: Rockstar and every other gaming company that has already navigated these waters back in the 80/90s know the length they have to go to make the car compliant with IP law. a 1 to 1 copy with no logo violates trade dress/trademark law. This is established, widely known IP law.

My “point” doesn’t make sense to you because you want something other than reality/fact to be true, I don’t like the restrictive nature of copyright/trademark law as it exists now, but that doesn’t change the reality of IP law as it exists.

If you have an issue with this, contact your reps in government and bring it up with them, otherwise tough :person_shrugging:

Well just build something like the Obey 10F in real life and sell it. Lets see how long it would take Audi to start a lawsuit because its to similair.

Just to my point: You can be sued for anything even if you did it right. At the end of the day only a court will give you the right answer. BMW sued a chinese manufacture for copying a design and BMW lost. Ferrari sued a body shop for replicating a design and won.

As long as you don’t create something 100% yourself, you could always get sued (even if you are in the right). Thats the whole point im talking about.

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The worst offense I see here is the fact he chosen for debadging one of the most hideous BMWs in history

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You would be sued by Rockstar not Audi.

Again, you don’t know what you’re talking about and are just googling any sort of counterpoints you can think of. I’m not here to argue with your google search results, this method of ripping vehicles from games/model websites, then debadging them and selling them violates IP law. Full stop, no arguments.

It’s clear and decided. You can continue to furiously search up “copyright lawsuit car maker loses” and other similar stuff to gas light yourself into thinking you’re right, but you’re not.

Simply the fact that Rockstar designs their cars the way they do, and not just doing what this post is doing (taking a model and debadging it) should be enough for a logically thinking person to understand what would constitute IP infringement.

Inspiration is not enough to constitute IP law violation, that’s how generic brands and all sorts of other products get away with being “close enough” to big brands without getting sued. This is all decided IP law.

Well you don’t even understand my example on how Audi would react to a similair design. :man_facepalming:

And im not saying im right. Im saying that you can be sued for anything you do. And yes even Rockstar could be sued because they violate IP law. It’s not EXACTLY the same model sure but you can still identify the real car model and even some body parts are a 1 by 1 copy. Copying car designs for games only gets “accepted”, because it’s not hurting anybody. If real life car brands would have a problem with it, they would sue R*, Infinity Ward (yes they are using debaged real life cars in COD), almost every Steam car game out there.

So to the real point: Is it 100% legal? No its not!. Will you get sued for it? Probably not because nobody cares as long as you don’t use the trademark. Is it still possible to get sued for it? YES because you can even get sued for a hot coffe cup.

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Hey only rockstar can copy right! :smiley:

Looks basically the exact same with a slight body kit