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Bastion is a mature role-playing community, designed to provide an immersive character-building experience unlike any other. Powered by a unique, high-performance custom framework, Bastion provides a role-playing environment integrated with RPG-like elements to deliver a compelling storytelling environment.

If you’re interested in a fresh take on role-play, come check us out and share your characters’ stories with us!


Character Stats & Abilities:
A robust skill & stat system let you define your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. As you progress through Bastion, your character will hone their chosen skills to become a master of their craft.

Over 25 different career paths ranging from emergency services, mechanics, programmers, craftsmen, tailors, transportation, and security to name a few. Take part-time jobs at player-owned businesses, or start your own to help fuel a player-driven economy.

World Content:
Custom written, lore-friendly mission lines help introduce you to the cast of NPC characters that inhabit Los Santos. Explore unique scripted encounters and branching story arcs as you progress while confronting world PvP and PvE events.

Criminal Life:
Whether your character is a gang-banger seeking to establish street cred, a criminal lone-wolf, or part of an organized crime ring, numerous criminal jobs await you: Run drugs, perform hit jobs, execute heists, and raid the most secure facilities in Los Santos to score big. A unique, story-based criminal progression awaits to keep your character on-target for the next big job.

Real Estate:
Once you’ve made money through honest work or from criminal activities, plant down roots anywhere in the city. Purchase real-estate such as homes, garages, warehouses, offices, or industrial property to settle down, hone your skills, or expand your business operation; this is your city.
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I love this server, I have a play time of 58 day and counting. It’s a complete revamp of what we all know to be the typical RP for fivem players. I highly recommend this server!


Super fun server with a great MMO feel to it! It still has the same great feel of the RP that we are used to, but with some fun twists that nobody else is doing. Plenty of things to do with friends or just by yourself. 10/10 Highly Recommend!


Very unique twist to the old RP experience. NPC story lines, easy progression through skills and jobs. By far the most fun and in-depth experience I’ve ever had in an RP server. Whether you want to join a group of hacktivist, run a business, work for a player owned business, be a part of a gang and defend turf, be a drug dealer, gunsmith, a doctor with a completely unique surgery and medical system, or a police officer trying to ruin everyone else’s fun. There is something for everyone. There are also regular updates with new missions, raids, criminal activity, jobs etc. Everything is custom, you will never see anything like this anywhere else! This server is absolutely amazing. 11/10


Crypto Update!

The most recent update introduces cryptocurrency! Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies to try your luck on the market, or start your own crypto to fund underground activities, safe from most financial scrutiny by tax collectors and government agencies.

Awesome, unique server, plenty to do as a criminal, cop, & citizen. Everything is built from the ground up, have yet to find a server remotely like this one. 10/10 recommend trying it out, playtime too high to even admit.


I’ve played in multiple cities, for several years and this one is possibly the most unique I’ve ever found. The clever mix of RP with RPG makes it pretty hard to get bored. The amount of locals that have subsequent story lines to follow and get invested in only expands every day with more interesting, thrilling quests that not only show the staff have a funny bone, but that they listen to and want to get their community involved in every aspect. Endless fun for both Cop, crim and everything in-between.

If you’re looking for a new home, I’d start here, if you are new to RP in general, there is ripe mix of talented, new and experienced RPers who’d be more than happy to show you the ropes. Either way, this city is one you’d be missing out on if you didn’t give it a go, the admin response is usually pretty instant to any drama.

Along with all the points above this also has a beautiful custom UI, with good artwork and easy to use functions. I’d highly recommend.


Bastion RP is honestly, a server like no other. It’s unique PvE environment immerses you in an experience that sets out adventures and story lines for your characters to pursue, all whilst engaging with other users in the city. It’s free flowing custom UI is smoother than butter; with an intuitive design, it allows both experienced and new RP’ers to sink their muscles into.

I have been on the server coming up to two months now and I’ve seen a wide variety of RP, from your professional careers such as a down-to-earth Mechanic or a silver tongue Bartender, to the shrouded work of an intelligent Hacker or a Doctor teetering on the edge of sanity - and this is to only name a few. I still see new and exciting content everyday, with instant support from the development and admin team about fresh ideas or general day-to-day happenings.

Everyone in this community welcomes you with open arms. I would highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a great laugh and that new experience. 10/10.


The Tuners update is now live! Added DLC vehicles through the most recent GTA Tuners patch. Recent updates also include new content related to crypto-hacking, EMS, and more!

I’ve been on this server for nearly six months and every interaction I’ve had has amazing, fun, and interesting for everyone involved! The staff are calm, cool, and understanding about basically any issue and receptive to new ideas (within reason of course). 100% recommend for new RPers and veteran RPers, 10/10 have sold my soul to this city.


With a custom evidence system, the actions of criminals leave behind clues such as bullet casings, blood trails, and unique identifiers. Officers skilled in forensics can use these tools to ensure no one stays ahead of the law for too long.

When locals call the police, they sometimes include suspect descriptions → with a suspect in custody, their appearance can sometimes be compared against a caller’s description for further evidence.

Drugs & Crime are a central feature of Bastion – raise your street cred by performing smaller jobs as a criminal to earn trust in the criminal underground.

We are currently recruiting for LSPD, EMS, and DOJ! ^


Highly recommend Bastion to both new and experienced players to FiveM. The ingenious RPG-based NPC system allows new players to dive into the action immediately and provides a new approach to GTA RP for experienced players. There is never a dull moment in Bastion! The player base is spread globally, allowing for active players no matter when you want to play.

What is best about Bastion is that there is a healthy balance between RPG-based missions and classic GTA RP interactions that everyone is satisfied. What might be more impressive yet is the turnout time on resolving bugs and implementing suggestions all while pushing major updates on a frequent basis.

Everything is beautiful, enjoy your framerate on the highest settings :wink:

Try out Bastion for yourself, you will never go back to another server style again. :slight_smile:


Yooo this is my first server and it got me 100% hooked. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND. The people here have become like my closest friends! c:


Bastion is my first introduction to RP on FiveM. As a lover of DnD, Larp and RPGs in general, I was excited to see the attention to detail as well as the player experience in this server.

There really is a plethora of things to do in the city; whether you want to take part in organized crime with a group of friends, or stand on the other side of the law and become a paramedic or cop.

The best part is that things are always being added. I highly recommend Bastion for anyone wanting a a unique experience on a FiveM server.


Amazing city with even more amazing devs. I don’t think I’ll have to add more to the stuff that other people have written already since I feel the same way. If you’re familiar with MMORPG’s you’ll love it in here and even if you aren’t, it’s a breath of fresh air to RP.


Latest update adds a new minigame: darts! Alongside a new mission, content updates, business changes, and more!


Still playing on this server and loving every moment of it!

Latest updates add the following:

  • Player hosted & automated racing!
  • Car sharing via DigiKey
  • New weed strains
  • Radio jammer item
  • Binoculars
  • Adds 15 cars purchasable at PDM, plus a number of cars through the Tuners update.
  • Prison break raid event.
  • A number of new criminal and civilian mission lines.