Barrel Rolls/Screaming Lady/ 3D Model

Every time I load into Five Reborn and the server list pops up, my screen starts doing barrel rolls, anybody know how to fix?

Same problem, was working fine earlier. Legit copy with updated to latest patch. Wtf is happening??

@sargecommander either the devs are trolls or sum dick has fucked with it

@WooHooBar same, I wonder if it’s something with steam, if you’re using steam

I’ve now got a 3D thing that i can interact with??? WTF

@WooHooBar Same, IDK wtf this is, but the devs need to address this if it’s a five reborn problem

It might have been hacked or something…

@WooHooBar I sure hope to hell it wasn’t, these are the 4 things that happen: Either it crashes while loading, the 3D thing, Barrel Rolls, or freezes when the server list loads

This is what I see now. THIS IS AN IN GAME SCREENSHOT!

Just got a lady screaming on 100% volume out of the sudden with 10000 pages popping out of nowhere on my screen when launching reborn

@WooHooBar They’re obviously covering up something while fixing Five Reborn, or they were hacked

What the fuck. @Boss what is happening??

Rockstar employ for sure…

@kroksleiven We don’t know this for sure though. Don’t spread rumors.

@WooHooBar illuminati then

WTF now windows 1.01 screen xD

@WooHooBar @kroksleiven @Satur Yep just got a Windows 1.01 Screen

And now its back to normal wtf??

Hilfe mich

I am getting back problems from this shit. Hilfe