Banning VPS hostings

I am an official representative of the forum community.

We have recently noticed that some VPS servers from are blocked due to alleged enrichment on FiveM advertising. If the guide “how to create a FiveM server on VPS” on the “”'s forum is an advertisement, then you are very wrong.

By blocking the IP address of VPSs sold by, you make an even bigger mistake. What happens if this IP address goes to someone else outside

For now, you have introduced a monopoly on FiveM servers, brazenly advertising ZAP-Hosting everywhere.

This is a very bad decision because many people will stop using this modification.

We are waiting for a response from the FiveM team.

On behalf of the community.
Best regards.


We are aware servers from this host are blocked, we are trying to sort this out with people over the email please don’t create new topics

We are in the process of getting it all settled. Servers of your customers that email us will be unblocked.