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:banana:[Welcome to Banana Gaming.β„’]:banana:
We are currently a small scale semi serious server built entirely from the ground up running on QBCore and using mainly the β€œAlt Eye” system. We are based in the Australian state of Victoria. We are always looking for new citizens, active gangs and streamers. We do of course have some gangs for you to interact with already and definitely have some streamers as we are built to be extremely streamer friendly due to a lot of the staff team being streamers themselves. We have quite a few custom clothing options, a Police Department, Hospital and Fire Services with Australian Emergency Services vehicles. There’s plenty of things to do, active development, a friendly staff team, lots of fun events, an active Discord and a welcoming player base.
[Requirements] β†’

  • Must have a working Microphone.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively and speak English.

  • Must be 15+ to apply for the PD.

  • Must adhere to the rules found in the Discord.
    Seeking an exciting life of crime? Check out our illicit activities below: β†’

  • Full Progression Heist System

  • Casino Heist

  • Bobcat Heist

  • Humane Labs Heist

  • Pacific Bank Heist

  • Paleto Bank Heist

  • Fleeca Bank Heist

  • Jewelry Store Robbery

  • Armored Truck Robbery

  • Store Robbery

  • Gun Crafting

  • Drug Labs & Selling

  • Boosting

  • House Robberies

  • As well as many others, jump in and find out what other things you can get up to.
    Crime just isn’t your thing? That’s okay there’s plenty of legal things you can do too: β†’

  • Start beef on Twitter right from your mobile phone

  • Take some selfies

  • Hunting

  • Fishing

  • Mining

  • Check out the job center and pick something for yourself

  • Tasty Eats

  • Taco Shop

  • Hot Dog Stand

  • News Reporter

  • Taxi Service

  • Racing

  • Tow Truck

  • Gardener

  • Courier

  • As well as many other things.
    Things are getting pretty serious. Want to take it to the next level and apply for a whitelisted job? Some even have ownership opportunities: β†’

  • Victorian Police Department With 4 Divisions

  • Victorian Ambulance Service

  • Victorian Fire Fighters

  • Tuner Shop

  • PDM

  • Luxury Dealership

  • 68 Mechanic - Available For Ownership

  • Vanilla Unicorn - Available For Ownership

  • Cat Cafe - Available For Ownership

  • Hen House

  • Security - Available For Ownership

  • Weed Shop

  • Real-estate (Complete with interiors catalogue)

  • Judge

  • Lawyer
    Banana Gaming 2.0? β†’
    Our city is in active development and we are working on a V2 that will bring new clothing, employment opportunities (Both legal and illicit) cars and entertainment. As we are a smaller group if you are a talented developer, vehicle modeler, or designer, please feel free to reach out to us via a ticket to discuss if you would make a good addition to our team. Staff applications will probably go out around the start of V2 too.
    [Extra Features] β†’

Just a few of our Australian Assets - We have more to offer.

We host many fun community events weekly

Lots of jobs including a Fire Department

A whole range of Aussie cars

[Link to our active Discord community: Banana Gaming]
[Direct Connect Link cfx.re/join/m766g9]
We hope to see you in city soon! :banana:


Great server. Friendly staff and fun community!


Good Fun. Friendly Staff, lots of things to do. plenty of opportunities


I started playing this server in late December 221 and I would place this on the top3 fiveM well built servers. The staff in here is amazing the community is nice there’s heaps and heaps of thing to do/explore in this city. And the cars are outstanding.


Been playing the server since it first launched back I think 4 or 5 years ago. Watched it go through so much as a server, So glad its finally back up with a rebrand and getting players again. Highly suggest checking it out!


active staff lots of friendly player all round a great community


Banana Gaming is a great community. Been playing since 2018 and ever since then I’ve never been able to find a better community to be a part of and stream on. It’s been a great server and asset to my streaming both on Mixer and now on Twitch with friendly players who help boost your content and always support you on your streaming journey. The broad range of activities relating to whitelisted jobs, civilian jobs, criminal activity and more keeps the server a fun and enjoyable place to return to with lots more to explore with exciting new content being added regularly. The Police Department is very well established with a high quality command team and officers. Generally Banana Gaming is just a really fun place to be, whether you’re a player or a streamer. The staff team are always happy to help and are quick to reply to tickets and reports if you ever get stuck or need help. 100% recommend checking Banana Gaming RP out for yourself!


Marvin Mcandeils and Yuno hunter are the 2 best crims in the city. They pre much run it cause they have a mc and heaps of cars you should get some pointers from them and join their mc :wink::wink:


Lol it aint april fools


Spread the love not the hate :metal:


W server


Been playing in this city for about 4 years now. Havent looked back. One of the best citys ive ever played in and just keeps getting better. Lots of jobs, lots of activities and lots to do. The people you roleplay with are great and friendly. The Police are great to deal with in the city and always fair. I would recommend anyone to join this city and check it out, you wont be dissapointed


Been playing since 2019 Greatest server to ever hit Five M, you would be missing out not to try it out. Great community, Great staff and amazing RP


Bump <3