Ban for no reason

I just revceived a 3 day ban from A. Mathers for “Mass RDM” I was shooting at a traffic light in the middle of the city and there wasn’t anyone near me…
If he would’ve simply checked some sort of kill log, or watched me for a few seconds, he would’ve known that I was just shooting at a stoplight, and I tried to tell him that, but all he said was I was receiving a 3 day ban for mass RDM, and when I tried to tell him what I was doing he never responed, and just banned me without trying to get my side of the story. Im putting this here because when i try to join the discord server, something is broken or glitched and it doesn’t allow me to join your server. If someone would like to work this out, my discord is andrewc#2289 I get that its just a 3 day ban, but im really dissappointed in A. Mathers, and it was very unprofessional of him to ban me without trying to see my side of the story. And honestly I don’t even know where he got “Mass RDM” because like I said, I was shooting at a traffic light. You guys may think thats weird, but I was practicing my aim. Funny how you ban people shooting at a traffic light for RDM, but not the people actually killing others randomly.

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