Ban for no reason

Well it was like this or at least I think that was what happened, my fivem is installed in the same folder as the gta v of steam, and I unfortunately hacked it and took ban for 30 days, but in that wave I took ban in fivem without any reason why I spent and spent money helping the server I play there is not because I use a hack in an rp was not permanent but it affects my progress on the server, I would like some help


The ban system only gets triggered when some sort of cheat is detected. Unfortunately this means that either yourself, or somebody else using your account, has used a cheat/hack. If you are convinced this was not you who did it, then you might want to consider changing your account’s password because it may be compromised.

Unfortunately, as stated in the ban message, FiveM staff is unable to assist you in the event of a global ban. You will have to wait for the ban to expire.