Bakerzone RP 2.0 |UK Hosted |UK Based |Friendy Admin |Many Cars |WL |Serious Roleplay |Drugs |EMS - Police - Mechanic - Realtor - Car Sales |Cinema |£30k Starting Money |Discord

Bakerzone RP is back, after many weeks away we’re pleased to announce its return, we are starting from new so this is a completely new city, it is UK based, so UK vehicles including Police, EMS and mechanics.
We’re currently recruiting for all jobs, anyone is welcome to come and join us, please join the Discord and we will be happy to welcome you into our new city.

Bakerzone RP are also running a RedM server, this is also very new, plenty of new opportunities also available, we would welcome you to come into our new cities anDiscord linkd have some fun.

Please pop into our Discord as there are also many other options to join us in within there.