Back up of the rpemotes docs?

Does anyone have a backup of the RP Emotes documents? There currently exists a partial archive of it on, but it’s missing some things:

I think Tay has quit FiveM/the community, I’m not sure why I’d bother him with more requests.

He has requested not to be DM’ed on his profile (that is pending deletion on his request).

As for Cayo, I have forked it so that users of CayoTwoIslands can also have North Yankton available to them as well as North Yankton Enabled, a separate resource Popcorn RP has released, can work alongside it.

If you are unsure of what a fork and how crediting/documentation of changes works on GitHub, they’ve set up an easy to read Wiki here for people learning about the platform here.

If forks are such a big deal to you and your friends turn it off.

Maybe if Tay didn’t want people to fork his fork of an unlicensed project he shouldn’t have slapped a copyleft license on it which allows people to do just about anything they want outside of adding additional terms to the license (kind of like Tay did, repeatedly).

Somebody being non-hostile and stating objective facts is not “mansplaining”, you’re just an immature child who doesn’t know right from wrong.

Going to close this before it becomes a hostile back-and-forth, please take a look at the guidelines and follow them.